Week Three

The new prototype has two working levels [unpolished], with basic obstacles, platforms, and stand-in backgrounds. Collision has been improved and the player no longer gets stuck repeatedly, a "floaty" jump mechanic has been added as well. It will most likely be changed to a proper jump with accurate weight. The health bar has been implemented and works accordingly.

What is necessary from this point forward is adding assets and designing the level. Now that we have shifted from an endless runner to a devoted platformer, it will be easier to come up with early level design ideas. Proper camera tracking is also needed, as the camera only tracks the player as they move forward, not upward, downward, or backward. The goal for the next build is a simple, custom level. 1/24/2018

Primary programming work has been allocated to Arturo, artwork will be allocated to me (Christian), Jess, and Ryan. 

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